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  • How much is minimum order amount for home delivery?

    Minimum purchase for home delivery for Jakarta area is Rp. 125.000.
    Minimum purchase for home delivery for outside Jakarta area is Rp. 100.000

  • How much is Delivery fee?

    for Jakarta area stores:
    0-5KM = Rp 20.000
    5-10KM= + Rp 10.000

    for outside Jakarta area stores:
    0 - 2 km = Rp 10.000
    2 - 5 km = Rp 15.000
    5 - 10 km = Rp 25.000

  • How long will it take to deliver my items?

    We provide a delivery promise of 4 hours after receiving your order before 4PM.

  • Do you offer free shipping?

    We offer free shipping for repeat orders within 3 weeks or 21 days.

  • Is delivery fee based on weight?

    We charge a flat shipping fee based on delivery address distance from the store.

  • Do you deliver on weekends or holidays?

    Yes we deliver on weekends and holidays because our stores are open.

  • What if I am not home to take deliveries?

    Our store staff will contact you and make delivery arrangement after consulting with you.


    • How do I pay for my order?

      You can select payment method when checking out, however, you will not be charghed until after your order is confirmed by our store. After you place order, our store staff will contact you to confirm the order and the items. Once confirmed, the store will provide you with details of payments based on the payment method you semected when placing order.

    • What kind of payment methods do you accept?

      We accept the following payment methods:
      Bank Mega Credit / Debit Card
      Other Banks Credit / Debit Card
      Cash On Delivery
      Bank Transfer

    • How do I pay using credit or debit card?

      Our store staff will bring EDC machine to swipe credit or debit cards at the time of delivery.


    • Why do I need to select a store before ordering? is designed to shop based on items and inventory in each store to give best experience to our customers. Customers need to select a transmart store that is nearest to their homes or any other store in their sity and order. This approach allows us to deliver you items within 4 hours of receiving your orders.

    • Do I have to place order on whatsapp?

      After you click order button, your order is directly sent to the store for processing. You will also see whatsapp open with your order details already copied in the message. You can click send to start communicating with the store staff. However, it's ok if you don't want to send whatsapp order and our store staff will contact you to confirm your order.

    • How do I find the items I need?

      You can find items by selecting a particular category or subcategory in the menu section.

      You can also search items by typing the item names in the search box near the top section of the website.

    • Can I contact stores for any questions?

      Yes, you can contact the stores using the whatsapp number that will open after placing the order.

      You can also contact stores by using green chat icon placed in power left corner of your screen.

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